Royal Scout Maxi Wrap

Royal Scout Luxe Wrap model

A very modern version of the vintage mink stole.

Wear it with your favorite jeans or your dressiest dress, including your Wedding Dress.

Draped over your desk chair, it effortlessly becomes a glamorous room accessory.

Faux fur fabrics are also known as fake fur, mock fur and artificial fur. Unlike genuine fur obtained from animals such as mink, beaver, weasel, rabbit or fox, these fabrics are made of synthetic fibers and are 100% cruelty-free.

Tremendously popular, they are indispensable when it comes to chic and cozy outerwear. We’ve gathered some of the most popular questions regarding faux fur fabrics and tried to answer them as accurately as possible. Read on to find more!

Choose Woodland Mink or Warm Wolf.

Velvet Lining

Button Closure

Dimensions: 76″ x 13″

One size fits most.

Royal Scout Luxe Wrap

For fun heres a DIY example!