royal scout display pillow

Royal Scout Antler Pillow

The iconic look of a Royal Scout is the antler silhouette. Our linen Antler Pillow is a versitile, lux accessory, trimmed with crocheted lace. Available in four irresistible colors; Natural, Sky, Fog, and Smoke.

At Royal Scout & Co., our moment of beauty came to us in the backwoods of Washington State during a productive afternoon by the rippling Icicle River.  The lapping of the water besides our boat, the blushing shyness of our would-be bride and groom, and that stillness in the air that feels weighty with buzzing bees and and heavy, warm rays of sunlight…what a moment to capture!

Like a good mattress, the right pillow should support your head without feeling too hard or creating uncomfortable pressure points. In general, stomach-sleepers should choose a soft pillow, while back-sleepers will enjoy a firmer pillow. If you’re a side-sleeper or change positions often during the night, you may have to test-drive several pillows before you find the one that works best for you. No matter which you prefer, you’re guaranteed to find something way more comfortable than your Mesopotamian ancestors would have had access to!

Royal Scout and Co. luxury faux fur homegoods and accessories. Wooland inspired, lush faux fur throws, pillows, wraps, and more! Made in the USA!

royal scout antler pillow model
royal scout antler pillow