The Gift

Royal Scout Beginning Story

Sometimes when we receive a gift, it takes time... perhaps even years to understand its significance.   When I graduated from high school, my beloved Grandma Vera Mae, surprised me with her 1957 Singer Sewing Machine.  She assured me that Grandpa had oiled all the parts (he could fix ANYthing!) and that it was a "very good machine".  She taught me how to sew a simple straight stitch and a few other very basic skills,  but her gift opened up a whole new world of possibilities to me!  

As a young homemaker on a very lean budget, I soon discovered that 'Clearance bedsheets'  could become drapes for our first apartment!  Vintage tableclloths, old plaid shirts and even cable knit sweaters from the thrift store were remade into one-of-a-kind pillows. No fabric, be it a sheet, or a chambray shirt of my husbands' was safe from my textile-loving imagination.  Friends would often ask, "Where did you ever find that pillow"?  Bless their hearts...I would proudly launch into my story of the thrift-store find, etc, etc, etc... 

When my children were young, I was continually enamoured with what could be accomplished with a single yard of seersucker, linen, plaid, or oxford pinstripe!  I could make simple jumpers for my daughter, and shorts complete with matching suspenders for my boys.  To this day, one of my favorite movie scenes of all time is when Maria, from the Sound of Music, looks at the soon to be discarded draperies in her room and begins scheming about how she will reinvent that yardage.  It actually still makes my heart pitter-patter just thinking about it!

As a stay-at-home Mama, my Singer provided an outlet for my creativity while still allowing me to be present for my children.  My husband remembers coming home from work to (mostly) happy children and his wife who routinely had thread clinging to her hair and clothing.  Attractive, I'm sure... : /

Fast forward to today.  Royal Scout & Co.

I love my work.  I continue to find joy in discovering the possibilities of pairing fabrics, textures and design.  Although most of my designs now surpass my own sewing skills, I still enjoy sitting down at the machines we use and MAKING something new out of our delicious textiles. 

Thank you Grandma for this Gift.

Scouts Honor,

Victoria Kruggel


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