Introducing Royal Scout Wraps

Puddles of faux fur fabric pool around the legs of the workshop table where I delicately unrolled a large bolt of the newest colorway for the fall season. About to cut away the selvage edging and begin my careful pattern tracing, I spy the folds of fabric spilling onto the ground and pause. It's such a simple detail but the material's raw beauty in its unrefined layers strikes me as beautiful. 

There's something about taking unformed elements and guiding them to its achieved purpose, be it functional or aesthetic (which in my case I strive for both), and seeing it in its most primitive state to its final revealed glory. Beyond the personal satisfaction of crafting a gorgeous home textile or wearable accessory is the delight in stepping in and noticing the details of the transformation along the way.




And now I'm honored to share with you this year's Royal Scout Wrap, a must-have for every woman wanting to be the crowning jewel of my efforts, and make these exquisite fall statement pieces come alive. Available in two sizes, the Luxe and the Neck Wrap:

Excited to share this product with you all today! Visit the shop for more photos and colorways to consider. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Happy Trails,


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