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Royal Roasters for Dad's Day

Victoria Kruggel

Dear Scouts,

This beautiful Memorial Day weekend has us taking it slow, crankin’ up our barbecues and enjoying the holiday with family and friends. I love the blending of Memorial Day weekend and Father’s Day celebrations in the short weeks between the end of May and June because, for many, it often allows them to take extra special care of the fathers AND grandfathers in their lives who gave so much for this country and their loved ones. The young man now old who took his oath and donned his army uniform to the dad today who hugs his kids goodbye on their way to school and sips his coffee before work...we at Royal Scout feel they deserve all the holidays they can get!

And we’ve got an ace up our sleeves this time, fellow scouts! As your man takes a deep sigh post-festivities and slides back into his outdoor chair, sneak out a fluffy bowl of marshmallows, stir up the firepit embers and gift him with one of our rugged, collectible Royal Roasters sets. With the hand-made birch wood handles for him to grasp, and the telescoping stainless steel rods, he and his friends won’t even need to leave their seats!

One of our favorite parts about this gift is not only the functionality of it, but  also its utterly classic, outdoorsman appeal. From the olive canvas storage tote with its pop of red trim and slip-in rod sleeves, to the primitive American throwback of a buffalo button head, this screams take-me-out-into-the-backwoods and gather-around-the-campfire-with-my-best-buddies like nothing else. Can you imagine him adding this to his annual camping trip alongside his Coleman lantern and blue-speckled enamel cookware? What a perfect, year-round gift for dads everywhere!

And C’MON...who doesn’t love a toasty campfire with melting, sticky, chocolatey s’mores??

Say no more.

Pick up one (or two) of our perfect firelight Royal Roasters for your backyard lovin’, freedom fightin’, hardworkin’ men for them to share around their starry evenings this summer. And pass the marshmallows, please. :)



The Royal Scout