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To the #BRAVE this Mother's Day

Victoria Kruggel

Hello Dear Scouts!

As Mother’s Day fast approaches, our ambitious team continues to balance roles as wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and co-workers. We know many of you are doing the same. We also know that the power of affirmation we receive from one another and our loved ones produces ripple effects beyond our ability to measure or see within a person’s heart and life. The words we say, and the things we do to grant support, give a leg up, offer a hand to help...these things are precious and priceless. They say, “I’m here” and “You’re not alone” and “You’re valuable and special to me.” And the effects are REAL. So today Royal Scout invites each of you to share our #BRAVE campaign and consider is there a woman in your life, perhaps a mother, or a sister, or a friend, whom you could deeply honor and powerfully impact by simply letting them know that you think...


They’re #BRAVE.

They’re brave to battle cancer. They’re brave to battle cancer a SECOND time.

They’re brave to stay home and be a mom to toddlers, letting the world sprint by them while they tie on little shoes in the doorway.

They’re brave to consider trying something completely new at 75 years old.

They’re brave to speak up for what’s right in a world that stifles people to silence.

They’re brave to walk their daughters down the aisle toward life-long commitment and love.

They’re brave to keep feeding people. And feeding people. And feeding people. And feeding people. :)

They’re brave to shield those around them from time-wasting habits or too many scheduled meetings.

They’re brave to LOSE houses and money and friends and jobs and children and beauty and reputation and still find life full and joyful.

They’re brave to love their own laugh.

If there’s a #BRAVE woman in your life this May, this Mother’s Day....tell her so. Gift her one of Royal Scout’s exclusively chosen Brave Necklaces, forged of 100% sterling silver and as feminine and strong as she. May she wear it as a pledge to the deep and quiet stillness within her that makes her solid as a rock, a shield to those lucky enough to know and be loved by her.

The power of affirmation is unbeatable. And so is she.

Scout's Honor,

The Royal Scout


P.S. Follow our blog and instagram later this week for a chance to win one of these coveted necklaces...stay tuned!