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Winter Whites

Royal Scout and Co Blog



Winter Whites

Victoria Kruggel

I've just come home from a winter wonderland experience in Evergreens, Colorado, with my dearest family and the days spent there were absolutely inspiring and breathtaking to me. Over the years my already passionate love for the great outdoors and all that it does for my mind and heart has only increased, and this trip refreshed that love once more. I felt especially drawn to the seemingly endless shades of winter whites that surrounded me, and how they showcased a quality and "color purpose" all their own in each specific example. 

I know the love-hate relationship (okay, mostly hate) that novice and amateur designers have with whites, and I am among those who still find it helpful to carry in my carry-all purse four or five swatches of white to a client's home for the wall, or to complement existing color palettes, or to narrow down some furniture repurposing/painting. 

I think the expected turn for me to take right now would be to suggest some of my go-to whites that NEVER fail me, that I have worked dozens of times into dozen of farmhouse kitchens with morning or afternoon sunlight, or in a room with no windows at all, or don't turn out too yellow or too blue or too green...etc, etc.. :) And that's definitely worth a post! 

But as my skies swooshed through soft, powdery snow, and my gaze locked onto the majestic mountain peaks in the distance, speaking of whites in those terms just won't do. What I mean is, we don't do it. I don't find myself as a finite creature exploring the beautiful, grand landscapes in our world saying, "Oh, just look at those snow-tipped fir trees! But they're more of a yellow green than a blue green." If anything, I'm taking in a deep breath and feeling the...smallness of me and the white or colored brilliance of the view. 

So instead of offering the go-to Benjamin Moore paint numbers today, I thought I'd simply...describe, in one or two word adjectives, the types of white I was smitten with while enjoying Colorado's natural palette of that ever-changing neutral that seems to stump us again and again. Don't be stumped. Just read my pro-offered adjective and a few correlating collected pictures (some of my favorite!) and perhaps now or later you'll sense the types of whites you feel naturally drawn to, just by reading a word that describes a specific type of white. This could very well be a much more organic way to develop your go-to palettes of white! 


Colorado Winter Wedding

Colorado Winter Wedding









These are the words for whites that I love this winter, and was captivated by while on my trip to the Colorado mountains. I know these words and found images for you isn't a list of OC-17, OC-44, and OC-22, but I hope they create an appreciation for the whites we see every day and in nature that give us such joy to look at and draw from.