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Fall Moments

Royal Scout and Co Blog



Fall Moments

Victoria Kruggel


The weather has finally turned here and I've never been relishing more the sound of raindrops on my kitchen window as I finish the dinner dishes, or against the car windshield as I drive to my various errands and pick-ups/drop-offs. Some days have whooshed in blustery and leafy, others have opened with a silent, sparkling chill, and still others a mixture of cloudy warmth with sudden drops into colder temperatures. 

I love the versatility of fall, and not just in fashion. Fall is that magical, in-between moment between the last of late August summer nights and merry Thanksgiving meals. So much layering and mixing and indoor/outdoor life can still be enjoyed to the fullest in this brief period, and here are some of my favorite "in-between moments" I love to experience each year:

Hitting the trails and going on some hikes and walks is something I love to do every fall. I've been known to head out there as early as 5:30am on mornings in order to make sure this fits in with the rest of my busy day. It's an especially beautiful and invigorating time outdoors!


Layering, of course, is one of the great fall secrets for women's fashion. When the day starts chilly, I love to put on a plaid scarf and pair it with one of my summer skirts or dresses to bridge that "moment" between summer and winter.


You can't experience fall without attending one or two football games for the season! Even if it's just from your couch ;) LOVE this vintage pic below of the couple on a date!


Going on a country drive when it's cool enough to turn off the air conditioner and warm enough to open the windows...that's a perfect fall moment for me.




Who can resist cozying up to a fire in some thick, pretty socks and enjoy a crackling fire? When the nights start to darken early, I love to end my busy days like this.


During this magical season I always see families gathering in various woodsy and whimsical settings that make for sweet family portraits...these can easily double for Christmas cards as well! Capturing that magical hour at sunset during the fall is a yearly tradition for many.





I would be amiss if I didn't include my love affair for all thing apple-y during these months! There really isn't much more to say about this one...;) I bake and create every year!

I hope you enjoy the season and all that it brings to you and your families...