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Royal Scout and Co Blog



A Royal Scout

Victoria Kruggel

"Momma, what is a royal scout?" an itty bitty person asked me one morning as I prepared the little ones for school and myself for work. 

Yes, indeedy! What IS a royal scout?

I think the name captures many things, but mostly, the juxtaposition of a free, woodland mountain spirit slipping its arm familiarly around regal elegance and being warmly received. There's something so stirring when you mix rich textures with classic patterns, the masculine with the feminine, the indoors with the out. And in my mind I can imagine a plucky, brave-hearted, badge-wearing school girl saluting the Queen of England with a twinkle in her eye. 

But words can fall far short, so let these pretty scenes open up the life and style of a Royal Scout:




I hope Royal Scout and Co. brings these images into your hearts and homes through the products that we create. And as I take off for work today, I salute you! ;)

Scout's Honor,