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Royal Scout and Co Blog



Photo Shoot at the Lake

Victoria Kruggel

(All vendors listed below)

(All vendors listed below)

“To the attentive eye, each moment of the year has its own beauty.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

At Royal Scout & Co., our moment of beauty came to us in the backwoods of Washington State during a productive afternoon by the rippling lake.  The lapping of the water besides our boat, the blushing shyness of our would-be bride and groom, and that stillness in the air that feels weighty with buzzing bees and and heavy, warm rays of sunlight...what a moment to capture!

Each year we’ve worked hard to naturally showcase our woodland-inspired collection for YOU to dream on, and along the way we somehow, every time, end up being caught up in a moment where the camera fades and the stylists pause and all work stands still. We realize it’s a breath-taking scene before us--a moment not to miss, but to savor. Combining the magnificent outdoors lent by nature with our one-of-a-kind luxury goods always blends those textural opposites that bring out the best in Royal Scout. Overgrown paths, tangled oak trees, a tulle and fur-cloaked bride (not to mention that chipping, minty blue “couples” boat!) takes our newest fall bridal look in the right direction we’ve set our course for. Besides, who says Anthropologie is the only gal on the block who can pull off bohemian, modern, AND romantic? ;) And if you consider how our luxe furs will play perfectly with your “usual crowd” of fall cardigans, skinny jeans (ok, boyfriend too), and boots...what are you waiting for?! Check out our next chapter and fall look right here--just a peek, mind you!

(All vendors listed below)

(All vendors listed below)

(All vendors listed below)

(All vendors listed below)

(All vendors listed below)

(All vendors listed below)

And here’s one more teaser for you--head over to our newly featured portfolio on Style Me Pretty’s Little Black Book page for more direct-to-you wedding inspiration and “post-event” everyday fall wear...seriously, our signature fur wraps are the bridal gifts that keep on giving!

The Royal Scout

The following vendors we are deeply grateful for: 

Photographer: @nicoleconnerphotography
Fur wraps, bootcuffs, and tulle skirts:  @royalscoutandco
Bouquet and floral crown designed by: @fullbloomflowersandplans
Bridal Headpiece designed by: @melindarosedesign
Styling and outfits provided by: @leavenworthboutique
Styling by: @karameloy @royalscoutandco
Models: @torymerrill, @racheljanemerrill, and @logan_barger


A Little Black Book

Victoria Kruggel

Well, it’s official.

We’ve snuck off and gotten married!!

When Linnea of Style Me Pretty welcomed us into the Style Me Pretty (SMP) family, we were nothing short of ecstatic and FULLY engaged in becoming the newest member of the SMP’s Little Black Book of top vendors. SMP’s Little Black Book, self-described as the “hand-selected, highly curated collection of wedding service providers, from mom-and-pop boutiques to A-listers” has assisted modern brides the world-over in culminating their special-day planning into the weddings of their dreams. Now Royal Scout & Co. is excited to share that you can find yours truly amongst their freshest, hottest choices for wedding apparel and coordinating bridal gifts. If you haven’t already, click on over to the Little Black Book’s IG feed for beautiful inspiration of their most treasured wedding details--and maybe you’ll scout us out! :)

And a most important word to our visiting brides...if you haven’t perused already, we’ve garnered an amazing portfolio page on SMP for you to ooooohh and aaaahh over as you consider your attire and bridal gifts for your upcoming day...think winter wonderland bride or classic southern (and northern!) off-the-shoulder perfection--be taken away by the beauty and versatility of our fur wraps and bridal line! Don't's gorgeousness.

Speaking of versatility...a final, it’s-a-no-brainer PLUS...we absolutely PROMISE you’ll be reaching for that fur wrap again and again and AGAIN.

Oh yeah. It’s that good.

With its thick, cocooning warmth and every-day appeal, this piece stands certain to becoming a classic fall/winter neutral accessory for all those movie theatre, dinner out, coffee with friends, hittin’ the town nights WAY after you’ve said “I do” at the big event. Don’t believe us yet? Then check out these gals who’ve all realized this piece is in it for the long haul starting from DAY ONE. From our smoky-white Canadian Fox to our most popular Warm Wolf neutral, don’t be afraid to commit to one of our fabulous heirloom pieces for that unforgettable luxe-drama it lends you for the aisle walk--we guarantee you’ll also love how it easily works for you and your outfits all year long.

Happy browsing and pinning!


The Royal Scout

(click on all images for original sources)

Royal Roasters for Dad's Day

Victoria Kruggel

Dear Scouts,

This beautiful Memorial Day weekend has us taking it slow, crankin’ up our barbecues and enjoying the holiday with family and friends. I love the blending of Memorial Day weekend and Father’s Day celebrations in the short weeks between the end of May and June because, for many, it often allows them to take extra special care of the fathers AND grandfathers in their lives who gave so much for this country and their loved ones. The young man now old who took his oath and donned his army uniform to the dad today who hugs his kids goodbye on their way to school and sips his coffee before work...we at Royal Scout feel they deserve all the holidays they can get!

And we’ve got an ace up our sleeves this time, fellow scouts! As your man takes a deep sigh post-festivities and slides back into his outdoor chair, sneak out a fluffy bowl of marshmallows, stir up the firepit embers and gift him with one of our rugged, collectible Royal Roasters sets. With the hand-made birch wood handles for him to grasp, and the telescoping stainless steel rods, he and his friends won’t even need to leave their seats!

One of our favorite parts about this gift is not only the functionality of it, but  also its utterly classic, outdoorsman appeal. From the olive canvas storage tote with its pop of red trim and slip-in rod sleeves, to the primitive American throwback of a buffalo button head, this screams take-me-out-into-the-backwoods and gather-around-the-campfire-with-my-best-buddies like nothing else. Can you imagine him adding this to his annual camping trip alongside his Coleman lantern and blue-speckled enamel cookware? What a perfect, year-round gift for dads everywhere!

And C’MON...who doesn’t love a toasty campfire with melting, sticky, chocolatey s’mores??

Say no more.

Pick up one (or two) of our perfect firelight Royal Roasters for your backyard lovin’, freedom fightin’, hardworkin’ men for them to share around their starry evenings this summer. And pass the marshmallows, please. :)



The Royal Scout