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Salutations from Royal Scout and Co.!

Royal Scout and Co. features a unique and stunning collection of Luxe faux fur pillows, throws, and fashion accessories, all designed and fabricated locally here near our home in Northern California.

Growing up in the Northwoods of Minnesota, I enjoyed countless childhood hours scouting the outdoors, thoroughly smitten by the perfection of the natural beauty that surrounded me...

...A cedar wood-paneled cabin, a roaring blaze in a stone fireplace, a cozy pile of plaid blankets, all wrapped up in a fragrant forest...honestly what could be better? And when early vocational testing suggested that I become a "Forest Ranger", no one was surprised!

Well, as often happens, life has led me down a slightly different vocational path, but that "girl in the forest" still influences everything we do here at Royal Scout and Co.

Although I may be wearing leopard heels and vintage pearls with my khakis these days, our Royal Scout "woodland-chic" design aesthetic remains firmly rooted in the beauty of the incomparable natural elegance that surrounds us. 

Thank you very much for taking a look at our line, and Happy Trails!